Mortgage Loan and Real Estate Investments


Since 1969, American National has been engaged in real estate development and construction of commercial, residential and hotel properties; real estate management; leasing and investment; mortgage lending and servicing; asset management; and investment services in the field of acquiring and managing joint ventures.

The Mortgage Loan and Real Estate Investments (MLRE) team produces and underwrites mortgage loans for American National and affiliate companies that provide the highest possible yield in keeping with the company's current board-approved investment strategy. The team also acquires, develops and manages a portfolio of quality real property along with oil and gas investments falling within the company's investment guidelines and that meet the criteria in the board-approved strategy.

MLRE includes the facilities management teams in Texas, Missouri and New York, which are staffed with highly trained professionals who operate and maintain the company‚Äôs occupied properties with the highest standards possible.  

For more than 45 years, American National MLRE has worked with clients throughout the United States, creating a combined portfolio that has grown to over $7 billion. 

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