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Ratings Information

These ratings are provided to you so that you can make a comparison of American National Insurance Company to other companies. Ratings reflect current independent opinions of the financial capacity of an insurance organization to meet the obligations of its insurance policies and contracts in accordance with their terms. They are based on each rating agency’s quantitative and qualitative evaluations of the company and its management strategy. The rating agencies do not provide ratings as a recommendation to purchase insurance or annuities. The ratings are not a warranty of an insurer’s current or future ability to meet its contractual obligations. Although the formal rating process typically occurs once a year, rating modifications can be made at any time. 


A.M. Best’s Rating: A 

A.M. Best Company, independent analysts of the insurance industry since 1899, has assigned American National Insurance Company a rating of A. Best’s ratings are assigned after an extensive analysis using a series of profitability, leverage and liquidity tests that measure performance in such vital areas as competency of underwriting, control of expenses, adequacy of reserves, soundness of investments, and capital sufficiency. 

The Best's Rating Report(s) reproduced on this site appear under license from A.M. Best and do not constitute, either expressly or implied, an endorsement of American National Insurance Company's products or services. A.M. Best is not responsible for transcription errors made in presenting Best's Rating Reports.  Best's Rating Reports are copyright © A.M. Best Company and may not be reproduced or distributed without the express written permission of A.M. Best Company. Visitors to this web site are authorized to print a single copy of the Best's Rating Report(s) displayed here for their own personal use.  Any other printing, copying or distribution is strictly prohibited.

A.M. Best's ratings were assigned in November 2018 based on the previous year's financial results.  For more information on Best’s rating of American National Insurance Company, view the ratings report.

Best's Ratings are under continuous review and subject to change and/or affirmation. To confirm the current rating, please visit the A.M. Best website, www.ambest.com.


Standard & Poor’s Rating: A 

Standard & Poor's has assigned its A rating of financial strength to American National Insurance Company.

Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC, provides independent financial information, analytical services, and credit ratings to the world's financial markets.  For more information on Standard & Poor's rating of American National Insurance Company and related operating companies, view the ratings report. 

Standard & Poor's ratings were assigned in July 2018 based on 2017 financial results.