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Fixed Deferred Annuity

Fixed Deferred Annuity

Tax-deferred earnings with a fixed rate of return

You can’t predict what your future holds, but you may be able to make it more secure. When you purchase an American National fixed deferred annuity, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that your principal is safe, and you’ll earn a fixed rate of return. Plus, when you’re ready, you’ll be able to convert your annuity assets into fixed income payments as well. 


Benefits of American National fixed deferred annuities include:

Tax deferred growth – You won’t pay any income taxes on the interest you earn until you withdraw it. 

Guaranteed interest rate – No matter what the market does, you are assured a minimum rate of return.

Fixed rate of return – Interest rates are set by American National for a specified period of time.

Access to annuity value – there are several options that allow access to the accumulated annuity value, including partial withdrawals and conversion to income payment options. Withdrawals may be subject to taxes and surrender charges.


This product may not be available in all areas.