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Index Deferred Annuity

Long-term, tax-deferred earnings. Market upside potential with protection against market declines

By tying its returns to the performance of a stock market index, an Indexed Annuity lets you enjoy some of the benefits of market returns with lower risk. American National indexed annuities calculate the amount of interest during a defined period of time based on the movement of the index. Although there will never be a negative index charge to your indexed interest, you could potentially earn 0 percent interest in a given period. 


Features of American National indexed deferred annuities include:

Lower market risk – Because you’re not investing directly in the stock market, your annuity value will not be reduced in negative economic years.

Tax deferred growth – You won’t pay any income taxes on the interest you earn until you withdraw it.

Access to annuity value – there are several options that allow access to the accumulated annuity value, including partial withdrawals and conversion to income payment options. Withdrawals may be subject to taxes and surrender charges.


The performance of the index cannot be predicted over any given period of time. Past history is no guarantee of future performance. 


Locate an annuity contract

Sometimes annuity contract policyholders forget to tell beneficiaries about their policies. If you think you are a named beneficiary on a deceased loved one’s annuity contract, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) can help. Use the NAIC life insurance policy locator to start the process.

Once requested, the NAIC will:

· Ask participating companies to search their records

· Ask those companies to reach out to you. But, you must be the designated beneficiary or authorized to receive information.

Visit the NAIC’s list of Frequently Asked Questions if you have any other questions.