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Vision, Mission and Values


To be a leading provider of financial products and services for current and future generations



We will earn the trust of our customers and of our diverse distribution partners by always acting with integrity and fairness, and by working to exceed expectations. 

We are committed to teamwork and continuous improvement in all that we do.

We will be prudent stewards of our assets, conservative navigators of risk, and steadfast in our resolve to preserve and enhance our reputation for enduring strength and success.



We place our values “FIRST” in all we do.

Financial Strength - We are all dedicated to financial stability and profitable growth to honor our promises to our insured, to create opportunities for our employees and business partners, and to provide a fair return to our shareholders.

Integrity - Do what's right! Always! We adhere to and place great importance on ethics, integrity and compliance. We are individually accountable for demonstrating the highest standards of each to earn our client’s trust.

Respect - The golden rule! We will treat all people with empathy, compassion and dignity. We view our business as one of relationships, not transactions. We are committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients and our team.

Service – We have the ability and responsibility to live a life of significance through service and commitment to our values. We are committed to understanding our customer’s expectations and striving to exceed them with our outstanding service.

Teamwork - We are all in this together. Our success depends on the unique contributions of all employees and business partners. We do this by meeting commitments, being accountable and making continuous improvement. We are committed to the success of our team.